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Future of Elim Ireland

In 2015 the Elim Movement celebrates its centenary.  George Jeffrey's the founder set out with seven others to take the full Gospel in the power of the Spirit to the island of Ireland.  It's unlikely that he could have foreseen the scale of what God had in mind.   Through his ministry literally thousands of people became Christians and hundreds received powerful miracles of healing many of which were medically verified and documented.  One hundred years later the Denomination has some 600 churches in the UK and Ireland, a network of approximately 9000 churches worldwide and missions work in over 40 countries.

As Elim steps into its second century we are determined not to lose the evangelistic edge which gives any church it's raison d'être.  While times have changed and technology has transformed every day life since Elim first came into existence the needs of the human heart remain exactly the same.  The need for hope, peace, forgiveness, acceptance, fulfilment and healing dominate every generation.


With this in mind our churches are working prayerfully and resolutely to bring a timeless message to a 21st century world viewing all people regardless of their race, religious background or social standing as those Jesus died to save and those who desperately need to hear about His grace and forgiveness.


With new church plants under way there is a longing to establish more centres particularly in the west and in the south of the Island.  Bible based centres that deliver a message of forgiveness and transformation through preaching, and practical demonstrations of the love and power of God. Bible teaching centres that raise up committed disciples; people who will change their world as they go with the message in the power of the Spirit.


It is our prayer and belief that Elim in its second century will continue to be a place of refreshing as its Biblical name implies.  (Exodus ch 15: 27) 


Edwin Michael,
Elim Irish Superintendent

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