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Stephen is passionate about commuicating Jesus relevantly and in a way that is affective in this day and generation.  


He loves both working with other creatives and coming alongside the local church with a focus of inspiring, encouraging and equipping local churches.

Stephen is married to Trish and they have a son called Toby.

Stephen Jones
Media Ministry Co-ordinator

I love the saying of David in Acts 13:36, ‘When David fulfilled the purposes of God in His day and generation…”  As we value the pioneers of the past, I think this is something they held true to, and something we need to hold true to today.  The question is how?  I don’t think there is one simple answer but one application is looking at this whole area of media which undoubtably plays a huge part in our day and generation.  As we go about communicating Jesus through our church activities, programs, social media and many other, not about what we communicate but the big question in this generation is ‘how?’


Media is no longer an add on in our society but at the forefront, and needs to be so in our churches as well. As a Movement our desire is to communicate Jesus in a way that is effective and efficient in our day.  We understand that for each church context that looks completely different, however the heart is the same.  Whether you have a big budget or very little we want to come alongside you and support you and your church.  


So whether it’s working with sound systems, computers, websites, producing graphics, training and developing media/sound/social media teams in your church, resources to help you do things better or anything else in this area let’s do it together.


Our aim is to network, train, resource, collaborate and create.  


So if you’re having problems with your sound system, computer, lighting rigs, church websites, social media pages or you just want to discover fresh and improved ways your church can do it feel free to get in touch.  We will be developing the media team as we journey in this and also calling on to help you in your ministry.  

Contact us...

Elim Ireland Media

Media Ministry

14 Charlestown Avenue,
BT63 5ZF
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