Meet the Team

Scripture clearly tells us that God has given to His Church the gift of leadership - people who organise, give vision, equip and do so with integrity, among other things.

The Elim Church in Ireland has its own Constitution which defines the structure of the Movement and local churches.  Irish Conference, which is made up of ministers and a lay-representative from every church, meets annually and is the governing body of the work in Ireland.


The Irish Leadership Team (ILT) is made up of the Irish Superintendent and other individuals elected by the Irish Conference to lead the Movement in Ireland and is responsible for day to day business and organisation.


We are thankful to these people who give of their time and effort to take responsibility for the Elim Churches in Ireland.

The Irish Leadership Team

Staff at our Elim Ireland offices

At our offices there is a dedicated team who help organise and take care of the day-to-day duties that help the Elim churches and ministries in Ireland effectively and efficiently reach the lost and build the Kingdom of Jesus.


Although often behind the scenes, their hard work is invaluable to the Movement.

Karen Watson
Finance Officer

Karen began working at Elim Corporate Offices Ireland in April 2011 after previously working as Administrator at Portadown Elim Church.  She works behind the scenes book-keeping on a part time basis. 


Karen is married to Michael and they have two girls – Lauren and Megan.  Karen enjoys cycling, reading and singing but is happiest when caring and cooking for family.

Margaret works in the office on Mondays and Tuesdays and teaches in a local primary school from Wednesday through to Friday. 


Margaret is married to Edwin and they have two grown up children; Laura and Ryan.  Life is busy but when she can, she loves to paint, read, walk and cook for friends and family.

Margaret Michael
Administrative Assistant

Rosie has been working at Elim Corporate Offices Ireland from January 2015 after taking early retirement from a busy career as a theatre sister in one of our local hospitals.  She is in the office Wednesday - Friday mornings.


Rosie is married to Syd and they have four grown up sons.  For relaxation she loves to visit the coffee shops with family and friends and encourage others by spending time with them.

Rosie Argue
Administrative Assistant

Edwin is the Irish Superintendent and is responsible for leading the (Irish Leadership Team) ILT and giving leadership to the Elim Churches throughout Ireland. After pastoring in Markethill Edwin spent over 20 years as a Pastor in Portadown.  He also pastored for an eleven month interim period in the Elim Church in Ballymena before his induction as Superintendent.


He is married to Margaret and they have two grown children.

Edwin Michael
Irish Superintendent

John is the Assistant Irish Superintendent and is also the Director of Elim Ministries overseeing the work of Elim in the Republic of Ireland. He seeks to support pastors and leaders and develop the work in new areas.


He is married to Vicky, they currently lead a church in Tallaght, Dublin while pioneering several other churches in Dublin City..

Roy has pastored for many years in Elim Ireland in Lisburn, Beersbridge Road and Lurgan.  As of March 2016 Roy was appointed as Elim Missions Ireland Director.


Roy is married to Hilary and they have three children.

Roy Johnston

Hugh Pastors Coastlands Elim Church in Holywood, Northern Ireland. Elim is committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities for its pastors and leaders to assist them in the devlopment of their ministry.


He is married to Ann and they have a daughter and two grandchildren. 

Hugh Moore

Nigel took up the position of Senior Pastor in Enniskillen in May 2012.  His heart is to see the Church equipped and mobilised to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nigel is married to Beryl who have two sons.

Nigel Elliott

John McEvoy
Assistant Irish Superintendent

Ross is Pastor of Portadown Elim Church and is the newest member of the ILT.  He served previously as part of the pastoral team in Beersbridge Road Elim and as Serious 4 God Youth Director for Ireland and joined the Portadown team in 2010.


Ross is married to Tasha and they have two children Joel and Liberty. 

Ross McBride

Alistair is currently part of the Pastoral Team at Coastlands Elim and has also been widely involved in Elim for many years previously leading the Youth Department and involved in organising Wondrous.

Alistair is married to Alison and they have three lovely children.

Alistair Ritchie