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What Christmas Means To Me...

One of the things that kind of concerns me about Christmas now is how quickly it appears to “fly in” straight after the October Bank Holiday. I seem to remember from my childhood the slow and very exciting anticipation of the Christmas season. Maybe it’s an age thing and now that I am older time seems to be on skates and the key events in the calendar year come along with greater swiftness.

However, Christmas as far as I am concerned is still a very enjoyable and special time of year. There are so many things that I love about Christmas.

I love the “change of menu” and all the lovely seasonal food that comes with this season of the year. I am maybe one of the few people who likes the dreaded “brussel sprouts” at Christmas, in fact I am not “racist” when it comes to vegetables!! And what about the Christmas pudding, fruit cake, mince pies, as the Julie Andrews song goes “these are a few of my favourite things”. But seriously how could anyone remain as a member of slimming world and still do a proper food Christmas?

Another thing that makes Christmas so good for me is having some rest and recreation with wider family and friends. It’s a time of year when the majority of people make an extra effort to be kind and pleasant and take time to visit and be with friends and family. I love this part, just visiting or hosting friends and family, with all the fun, the laughter, the sharing and catching up with each other. Also we enjoy games at our house, adults and kids together, whether thats a board game or a computer game - I am big into the games!!!

Most of all though, the centrepiece of Christmas for me is the wonderful story of God sending His only Son into the world on a rescue mission that would open up a way back to God and Heaven for the human race. Christ is in Christmas and it is about Him because He is the One who, for me, gives this season of the year it’s message and meaning. The reason we can all celebrate and be cheerful and generous in the middle of winter is because of the good news of Jesus coming into our world. What does Christmas mean to you?

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