• Suzanne Hanna (Elim Sound Ireland Co-ordinator)

What's in a name?

“What belongs to you and everyone else uses it?”

This was a question on a game show that I have long forgotten the name of but I have never forgotten the answer. I was puzzled, trying to decipher the riddle as disgruntled contestants looked on. Seconds ticked by until finally the game show host announced, "What belongs to you and everyone else uses it?” And the answer was, “Your name!” Incredible. It was such a simple answer, yet so true. Our names are used everyday in a myriad of ways, but here was the challenge to my spirit then and this Easter I feel compelled to meditate on it again; "What name do we use everyday?".

You see there is One who in His coming broke into time itself in the form of a baby - why? So that we might know His Immanuel nearness: here, now, today and forever! There was One who in His living on earth performed miracles of healing, provision and power - why? So that we might encounter His breakthrough abundance... here, now, today and forever! There was One who in His dying on the cross displayed obedience, humility and sacrifice unlike that which the world has ever seen - why? So that we can experience restoration, forgiveness and salvation… here, now, today and forever! There was One who in His rising staged the biggest break out known to man - why? So that we might bear witness that love does conquer death, grave stones can be rolled away and the finished work of Calvary means resurrection power for living... here, now, today and forever! And this glorious One, this royal, cross-bearing, death-defying, life-giving One, has a name and His name is... JESUS!

As Christians, we are Easter people! We are people of the cross all year round and because Jesus came, lived, died and rose again we have been invited into abundant living... here, now, today and forever! And in that everyday abundance we can own the Lord's name; calling, rejoicing, praying, praising and standing in the power of the name that saves, raises and rules over all.

So here is the invitation: take hold of the name of Jesus this Easter and beyond and don't allow any gravestone to get in the way of you owning the name of the One who called you, redeemed you and gave you life. Breathe, walk and live in the resurrection power of His holy name and let's look forward to that awesome day, when the clouds will break and to the glory of God the Father... "At the name of Jesus every knee will bow ... and every tongue confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!" (Phil 2:10-11)

Here is a song on the same thought written for Easter by Suzanne and her husband John, performed by some of the team at her local church, Coastlands Elim.

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