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Our Vision:


The Academy’s aim is to equip believers to fulfil God’s call and purpose for their lives and to positively affect the local church’s ministry and mission.

14 Charlestown Avenue,
BT63 5ZF

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Elim Academy

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"The Academy offers an affordable opportunity for busy people to deepen their Christian experience and be better equipped to serve God and lead in local church. With excellent lecturing and a variety of subjects, it is designed to assist a wide range of people. Whether you work in a local church or are anticipating Full Time Bible College study in the future, the Academy can be a vital part of your journey. From mature Christians to new believers there is something for everyone."


Edwin Michael
Irish Superintendent

Course Objectives

Elim Academy is a one year evening class programme combining both Theological and Practical ministry training. The aim of the programme is to Discover potential, Learn new things, Grow in life, leadership & ministry.  So whether you are already in leadership, working towards leadership, in local church ministry or you simply want to know more, then Academy is for you.



Course Content

Comprised of several individual modules which includes Core modules (undertaken by all students) and Elective modules where there is an element of choice.


Core Modules

Old Testament Studies

New Testament Studies

Foundations in Christian Doctrine


Elective Modules

Introduction to Leadership

Ministry Studies

Church History

Pentecostal Studies


Introduction to Missions

Biblical Interpretation

Evangelism & Mission

Introduction to Youth Ministry



Entry requirements

There are no academic requirements needed to access these courses, which opens them up for everyone.



Course Evaluation

There are various forms of assessment including reading assignments, research papers and projects. However you can simply attend lectures and not be assessed.


Course Costs

£300 (Full Year)

Elim Academy

Training Department

Thank you for applying for Elim Academy. We will be in contact soon.

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