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Welcome to our digital downloads section.

All purchases made on this website are for digital files for use on your computer, tablet and smart phone. They must first be downloaded onto a computer before being used on a smartphone or tablet.
Please visit this page on a computer to download the Wondrous audio sermons or Elim Life Magazine's.
When your purchases have been completed, you will receive an email containing web links that allow you to download your purchased digital downloads. Please note that you must first download all purchases to a computer and manually transfer them to your smartphone or tablet before playing.


Wondrous 2016 - Audio Sermons

Wondrous 2016 – Morning Bible Studies

Wondrous 2016 – Evening Celebrations

Wondrous 2016 – Women's Celebration

Complete 5 Part Series (Mon 18th – Fri 22nd July)

Pastor Iain Macauley – Morning Bible Studies

Complete 6 Part Series (Sun 17th – Fri 22nd July)

Evening Celebration Services

Wed 20th July - It's Time to Rise

Rosemary McAuley – Wondrous Women

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